Alexandra An|2016环球亚裔小姐大赛选手风采

hellochinaAlexandra An, 25 year-old, is a student of Political Science in Concordia Unicersity. She worked as journalist for 2 years in China. She wants to make an effort to protect human rights with her thoughts and words. This is why she chose to work in media and study political science. She believes that her life will be different because of her choices. She have also firm conviction that other persons’ lives will also be influenced in the future, as the result of her endeavor.

Beside study, her life is filled by many hobbies and activities. She enjoys reading and has been keeping this habit since her childhood because her mother once told her that whether you were beautiful, young or not, only a smart mind and elegant soul would follow you for the whole life and only reading could make this happen. She also absorbs rich nutrition while playing piano and dancing. The fantastic music flowing from her fingers and vigorous dance complete her. She had an unforgettable experience of beauty pageant, Miss Universe China in 2013, and was honored the Top 16. Since then she has a more comprehensive understanding of beauty. After that, she fell in love with body building. During the journey of fitness, she gains a good shape, the willpower, and lots of friends. Her passion for fitness impacts the persons around her. She loves the feeling of delivering positive energy to others. Because of this, she values this opportunity of Pacific Miss Asian American Beauty Pageant, on the stage of which the brightness,beauty and active attitude will be transferred to the world.4.pic 8.pic 7.pic 6.pic 5.pic 3.picUntitled-1-1Untitled屏幕快照 2016-05-06 下午1.18.06Untitled1

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